Garmin 405CX

The Garmin 405CX watch is an excellent choice for any athletes or triathletes. The sophisticated integration of technology in these watches is something that many people seek after, and has made the Garmin watch an extremely popular tracking device. According to Garmin themselves, the 405CX is the next level of GPS training. Among other things, this particular model can track various different sets of data including; distance, heart rate, and pace. These sets of data are then automatically sent to your PC for post analysis. This model has a highly powerful GPS system which works even when you are covered and surrounded by tall buildings and trees.

One of the most powerful features of this watch, is the fact that it can track the calories you have burnt as well as your heart rate. Every single workout it actually tracks as a session, and later on you can review the progress of each session and see how you are improving. One of the features of this over other watches, is that you can race against a virtual partner, which can motivate you to improve faster than you normally would.

This model also comes with a very flexible, wireless heart rate monitor which can really help you get the most out of your training. This heart rate monitor continuously tracks your heart beats per minute, and then uses this data for an advanced calorie calculation. It allows you to train in certain heart rate zones, which you can then set so that you can train up to a certain level of predefined fitness.

One of the most amazing features of this watch, is the fact that it can share your workouts with other users wirelessly. With some of the previous models of Garmin you would have to do all this manually by plugging your watch into your PC or Mac.

Fortunately this is just the beginning of the features that the Garmin 405CX watch enables you to use. This is probably one of the most powerful training monitors that you could buy, and really is good value for money.